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Blue Can

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Weight: 5.7oz (aircraft grade aluminum)

The Blue Can is available in two lengths: full length and mini length. These lengths are designed to match up with the most common suppressors in today’s market. (If your suppressor is 6” or longer, go with the full length blue can. If your suppressor is under 6”, go with the mini length blue can.)

The Blue Can comes in three mount sizes: small, large, and the new XL mount. (industrial pvc rubber) Our mount was engineered to use friction to firmly grab onto your muzzle device.

Just press the blue can on firmly to your muzzle device while giving it a couple turns until it’s snug.


Below is a 5.56/.223 muzzle device fit guide:

XL Mount: OSS

Large Mount: Surefire, Dead Air, Gemtech, Yankee Hill, Standard A2, fixed 9mm sim upper, KAC m4qd, Battlecomp, Daniel Defense Wave.

Small Mount: Silencerco, AAC, Rugged, Sig Taperlok.

There are currently 6 variations of blue cans:

  1. full length/large mount

  2. full length/small mount

  3. full length/xl mount

  4. mini length/large mount

  5. mini length/small mount

  6. mini length/xl mount