Lowlight CQB (1 Day) - Condition One Group
Lowlight CQB (1 Day) - Condition One Group

Lowlight CQB (1 Day)

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Duration: Approx. 8 Hours

This course is open to all students who have completed Close Quarter Battle Level 1 and 2

A UTM conversion kit (or similar) is required, rentals are available.


This CQB training course covers complex scenarios in a nighttime setting with the use of white lights. While utilizing the cover of darkness, students will face more complex problems while fighting inside structures using C1G's 9,000 sqft. shoothouse. Students will be clearing structures in teams, showing the intricacies of team-based building clearance methods in the dark. Students will face live role players for force-on-force scenarios during this class.

Topics Covered:

  • Combat clearance/deliberate clearing techniques using white lights
  • Two-person clearing techniques
  • Follow-on rooms
  • Hallways and intersections
  • Stairwells
  • Shoot/no-shoot scenarios

Required Equipment

  • AR15
  • UTM AR15 Conversion Kit 
  • 90 rounds of UTM ammunition 
  • Magazine Pouches
  • Holster (Glock 17 or 22)
  • Pants (No shorts)
  • Long sleeves (for force-on-force)
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Eye protection

Optional Equipment

  • Helmet
  • Plate Carrier
  • Combat apparel
  • UTM Glock 17 Conversion Kit