Shivworks El Niño
Shivworks El Niño
Shivworks El Niño

Shivworks El Niño

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The El Nino was designed to be a small effective blade that could be concealed and easy to use with minimal training.   The smaller handle reduces weight for concealability and comfort.   Sheath design is as important as the knife when it comes to daily carry.  The sheath was designed to accept a Discreet Carry Concepts (DCC) clip.  These metal clips are the best clip on the market period.  It will come with a DCC MOD 4 1.5″ short for a 1 1/2″ belt.

The El Nino is the perfect companion for low vis environments , when you go to the gym, or where a larger knife is not feasible.

Training tool was designed to complement your training without a live blade and to mimic live blade carry to work in fight access without fear of cutting or puncturing your training partner.  IT IS NOT for striking, or hitting people during training as doing so may cause significant injury even with a blunt metal tip. 

Sandvik 12C27 steel, single edge, G10 handle.

OAL 4 7/8″

Blade length 2.75″

Blade width 15/16″

Handle width 2.75″

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