Close Quarters Tuesdays

This is a night of CQB drills meant for people that have complete our CQB 1, CQB 2, and CQB 3 classes at a minimum.

We cannot accommodate walk-ins, please sign up through our site.

C1G is offering the option for those that want to continue to hone their CQB skills during the week. Taking a class here and there is great, but having the option to work on your skills every week is how you get good.. Shooters will be placed in a variety of shoot/no shoot scenarios using with role players or paper targets, depending on the week. Shooters will be able to work on the fundamental hard skills they have learned over the years.

No classroom work, no drama. All shooting!

Required Equipment :

AR15 style weapon (.223/556mm) if choosing to use rifle

Glock NLTA kit available for rent

Pants (No shorts during role player scenarios)

Short & long sleeve shirt (long sleeve required for NLTA)

Closed toe shoes

Optional Equipment

Weapon light/laser

Plate carrier


Magazine Pouch