Patrol Tactics
Patrol Tactics

Patrol Tactics

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Please check the training calendar for class times and location.

Patrol Tactics covers reality based problems faced by everyday patrol officers in and around structures.  This course will cover the basics of room clearing and close quarter tactics.  Students will apply tactics to problem solve dynamic and potentially dangerous situations. The course will focus on solo and small group tactics relative to a patrol response encountered with calls for service.  



  • Basic Room Entry and Clearing Techniques
  • Solo and Small Group Tactics
  • Officer Safety Techniques
  • Reading Structures and Rooms
  • Threat ID and Priorities of Threat
  • Communication skills
  • Incident Management

Required Equipment

  • Duty Belt with Holster and Magazine Pouches
  • Simunition/UTM duty handgun
  • Magazines (please bring mags empty)
  • Minimum of 100 rounds of Simmunition or UTM
  • Eye Protection
  • Water/hydration
  • Lunch/snacks
  • Pants
  • Close Toed Shoes

Optional Equipment

  • Duty Rifle with sling, conversion kit, and magazines
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Duty vest/plate carrier
  • Note taking materials