Response to Active Shooter

The Response to Active Shooter course is designed to place law enforcement officers in highly stressful, fluid, incidents, involving exceptionally chaotic and dangerous situations that may be encountered while protecting the community. This class will encompass the use of advanced techniques that have been implemented throughout the world to combat terrorists. Groups such ISIS and Al-Qaeda are constantly evolving and utilizing different tactics. This fact makes it vital that our law enforcement forces do not remain stagnant, utilizing old and outdated techniques. Terrorists are actively gathering intelligence on law enforcement and military standard operating procedures (SOPs) tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) throughout the United States. The ability to quickly adopt, change, and react with overwhelming force is the only way to stay in front of the terrorist’s tactics. Being proactive, maintaining a highly perishable skill-set and learning from actual events as they unfold is the only way to save lives when a terrorist incident takes place.


Topics Covered

- Weapon familiarity & manipulation

- Threshold evaluation 

- Concepts and principles of team movement

- Dynamic room entry techniques (CQB)

- Combat clearance/deliberate room entry techniques (CQB)

- Approach and breaching the crisis site

- Follow-on responder tactics

- Post-engagement priorities of work