Intro to CQB - Condition One Group

Intro to TCQB (1 Day)

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Open enrollment

Duration: Approx. 4 Hours

This is not a prerequisite to take TSD 1

Please check the training calendar for class times and location.

A UTM conversion kit is provided for class.

This class breaks down the basics of two-man and four-man room entries, providing a solid base for shooters wishing to learn how to safely clear rooms. During this intro to CQB class students will be taught the individual shooter skills that are required to operate in a team based environment. The class pace is extremely fast to show the different basics and variables that are covered in our two day classes.

Topics Covered:

  • Two-man/four-man roles and responsibilities
  • Combat clearance techniques
  • Actions at the door
  • Sectors of fire
  • Room anatomy

Required Equipment

  • AR15 style weapon if you intend to use a rifle or Glock 17 UTM (Rental UTM conversion kits supplied)
  • 30 Rounds of UTM ammunition (can be purchased at class)
  • Eye protection