Minimo Sling
Minimo Sling
Minimo Sling
Minimo Sling
Minimo Sling

Minimo Sling

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The Minimo is the sling for the true minimalist. Everything you need, nothing that you don't.

Over the years, our team has used just about every sling on the market and have never been fully satisfied. A sling should be there when you need it, and unnoticed when you don't. It should never be a hindrance to your weapon manipulations. This philosophy lead us to design one that would check all of the boxes for our requirements. 

We started by slimming down the webbing to 3/4" to remove unnecessary bulk, cutting weight as well as making the sling more maneuverable when wearing kit. Next, we had to figure out the optimal slider to adjust the tension. Not satisfied with the off-the-shelf options that everyone else uses, we designed our own from the ground up and manufactured it in house to control every aspect of the production. Oh did we mention, we compiled a professional in-house team to sew and assemble the entire sling? Anyways, the custom slider allows for rapid adjustment and the proper tension to not loosen unless done by the operator. Next we needed loops for to attach the webbing together with. We could've utilized China, which is common practice for many of these attachments (Berry Amendment allows this), but we're not supporters of communists and also needed to ensure these were done right, so we designed and manufactured them in house along with the slider. Instead of using cheap steel loops, we went with and ultra dense nylon to reduce the noise of metal on metal during night ops. This also has the added benefit of protecting that nice finish on your rifle. Now for the attachment method, if it's not broke, don't fix it. The special operations community has been using the extremely reliable method of attaching 550 cord to their slings and rifles. This allows you to grip the rail without having to fight a QD or webbing, you'll never notice it if it's between your hand and the rail. This method also enables the sling to not get caught on the buttstock , or worse, choke you during a shoulder transition, or unconventional shooting positions. But fear not, if you still prefer to use QD's or other attachment methods on the front, back, or both, the Minimo works fine like that as well.

Minimo features:

  • Weight: 2.22oz
  • 3/4" webbing
  • Easily to manipulate slider
  • Custom nylon loops
  • Custom 550 cord attachment burners
  • Made in USA
  • Berry Compliant / Trade Act Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty

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